Monday, December 13, 2010

The album sueca made in japan by earzumba explores the vast areas of the mind with music that reflects the daily lives of different people in various environments. Collaged layers of sound reflect the confusion of modern life with natural sounds juxtaposed against more formal, intense, and emotional instrumental sounds, dialogue and filmic sound effects. The only problem is that this can stack up so much that at times the sound can become over-saturated. It is an interesting album that probes into your brain and makes you think about yourself, others, nature, and the purpose and experience of human life. In a number of cases throughout the album, I couldn't help but think that I would appreciate the melodic elements more without the addition of the environmental sounds...the sparser moments remain for me the most successful.


Biographical Information: earzumba (a.k.a. Christian Dergarabedian) was born in Buenos Aires and has been composing noise,collage/sampladelia,improvisation, tricky pop and electroacoustic music since 1991 in differents groups: first with the noise duo Nuegado De Serpientes along with Alan Courtis; later, along with Conlazo he formed Reynols, and has been a part of that project for 2 years. Most recently, he has focused on his solo career under different alias' : C.D., Lens Cleaner Trio, and lately earzumba.


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